Can Chinchillas Eat Apples? A Helpful Guide

Small creatures like chinchillas have small digestive systems. So, their diet is also selective. The food that is healthy for humans and other pets, may not even be good for chinchillas.

Though they require a variety of fresh foods in their diet, many owners are concerned that can chinchillas eat apples.

However, chinchillas can have apples as a treat. But you should serve apples in small sizes and infrequently. This fruit has a high amount of sugar and calcium that can lead to various digestive issues in chinchillas.

Can Chinchillas Eat Apples?

Can Chinchillas Eat Apples

Chinchillas can eat fresh fruits like strawberries and apples but only if you serve them in small quantities. They love sweet treats. Also, many pet owners found that chinchillas like the taste of apples.

Apples have high levels of calcium, sugar, and acidity. This fruit is not an alternative to fortified pellets or hay which are two substances chinchillas eat the most. So don’t give them apples in the bulk otherwise, they will feel a lot of digestive issues.

Chinchillas do not require apples in their diet. But many owners want to bring variety to their diet. Apples are only the solid treat option and you can offer serving sizes of around 2 cm. You can serve other treats that are high-fiber fruits and low-calcium greens.

Additionally, it is also important to consider which parts of the apple you are serving. You can give apples with skin as chinchillas have efficient teeth and there is no pose choking risk. Don’t provide the center portion that contains seed.

How Much Apple Can Chinchillas Eat?

When it comes to feeding apples to chinchillas, it’s not recommended. They don’t even need any snacks at all. They get enough nutrition from their primary diet, which is hay. In fact, we recommend not offering apples to your chinchilla at all.

Unlike humans, chinchillas do not require a varied diet. All the essential vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat they need can be obtained from hay. This might be surprising since hay seems plain, but it’s a fact. Therefore, snacks are not only unnecessary but can also be detrimental.

However, if you still wish to provide your chinchilla with apples, it’s essential to control portion sizes carefully. Avoid giving your chinchilla large slices of apple. Instead, cut the apple into tiny chunks, approximately 1/2 inch or 1 cm across. This ensures you are offering apples as an occasional treat.

How Often Can Chinchillas Have Apples?

You should only offer apples to your chinchilla “from time to time.” It’s strictly a treat and it shouldn’t be included in a regular diet. You also need to maintain their frequency of consumption.

I recommend never exceeding twice per week. You should give a single piece, not an entire apple. To put it simply, you should offer two small pieces of apple per week, and that’s the maximum.

While chinchillas love the sweetness and acidity of apples, these substances can lead to digestive tract issues for your delicate furry friend if consumed too frequently.

Stick to using regular apples, the kind you would enjoy yourself. Avoid using other apple varieties like cooking apples or items with apple ingredients. This ensures the safest and most suitable approach for your chinchilla to savor a small piece of apple from time to time.

Is Apple Feeding To Chinchillas Beneficial?

Apples are considered a healthy fruit for humans due to their nutritional value. However, when it comes to chinchillas, the benefits of feeding them apples are somewhat limited.

One potential benefit of feeding apples to chinchillas is providing variety in their diet. While chinchillas primarily thrive on a diet of hay and pellets, offering occasional apple slices can add some diversity to their meals.

Apples do contain certain nutrients that can be beneficial for chinchillas. They provide a small amount of dietary fiber, which can be helpful in digestion.

Chinchillas are known for their need to chew and stay mentally active. Offering a small piece of apple can serve as an enrichment activity, providing them with both a tasty treat and an opportunity to exercise their jaws.

Are Apples Bad For Chinchillas?

Apples are not bad for your chinchilla. However, the key lies in offering them in the right way. As long as you give them a small portion, they’ll be okay. You need to also limit the frequency of serving. 

The potential problem arises when apples are offered too frequently or in excessive portions. Consuming too many apples can harm chinchillas due to their high sugar and acid contents.

So, it’s not about apples being bad, but rather about maintaining a balance. Avoid offering apples too often or in large amounts to prevent your chinchilla from experiencing digestive issues or discomfort.

Can Chinchillas Eat Apple Peels?

Believe it or not, it’s perfectly fine to offer your chinchilla apple peels. Just like with the flesh of the apple, you need to pay attention when giving your chinchilla apple peels. These should also be offered only occasionally.

One advantage of apple peels is that they come in naturally small sizes. This reduces the risk of overfeeding your chinchilla. A peel can provide your chinchilla with a few minutes of enjoyment, both in terms of taste and the satisfying act of chewing on the apple peel.

To ensure the best results and maintain your chinchilla’s overall health and happiness, follow the same advice as previously mentioned regarding the flesh of the apple to prevent any potential digestive issues.

Can Chinchillas Eat Green Apples?

It’s best to avoid giving green apples to your chinchilla. Green apples tend to be more bitter and sweeter than the regular. The higher sugar content in green apples can potentially lead to stomach discomfort and other issues for your chinchilla.

While some chinchilla owners may have fed their pets green apples without apparent problems, it’s always wise to prioritize safety. If you’re considering offering apples to your chinchilla, it’s recommended to stick with regular apples for simplicity and to minimize any potential risks.

Can Chinchillas Eat Dried Apple?

Feeding dried apples to your chinchilla is not recommended. When apples are dried, their nutrients become concentrated. While this may seem beneficial, it can be problematic for chinchillas.

Dried apples have significantly higher levels of sugar, fiber, and other nutrients compared to fresh apples, which are less suitable for chinchillas.

Dried apples contain a substantial amount of sugar, with approximately 57.19g of sugar per 100g. An excessive sugar diet can cause health problems, including obesity, dental issues, and digestive problems. They are adapted to a low-sugar diet.

Chinchillas to lack the ability to vomit. If you feed them hard, dried foods like dried apples, it can pose a choking hazard. If a piece of dried apple becomes lodged in their windpipe, it may lead to choking and breathing difficulties.


Large amounts of apples can upset chinchillas’ digestive systems and cause nutritional deficiencies.

Apples are not particularly nutritious for chinchillas. While they find them tasty, apples should be regarded primarily as treats rather than a substantial source of nutrition. Chinchillas should rely on their primary diet of hay and pellets to meet their nutritional needs. These provide essential nutrients and dietary fiber necessary for their health.

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