Do Hamsters Eat Spiders? Know with Pros and Cons

Hamsters are omnivores and in the wild, they eat a variety of food like vegetables, fruits, and insects. However, as a pet, you need to maintain its diet. Since hamsters eat insects in the wild, many ask do hamsters eat spiders.

The quick answer is yes, but not in a large amount. Though they can eat spiders, there is no significant health benefit to eating spiders. But they can upset the hamster’s stomach. To keep your hamster safe, remove any spider that you find in its enclosure. While hamsters occasionally explore and interact with various objects in their environment, they are not specifically inclined to hunt or eat spiders.

Do Hamsters Eat Spiders?

Do Hamsters Eat Spiders

Eating spiders, for hamsters, falls into a bit of a gray area. They can eat spiders, but it’s not something you should encourage or allow.

Hamster’s diet mainly consists of seeds, grains, fruits, fishes and vegetables. In some cases, they may nibble on small insects if they come across them, like a spider that happens to scuttle by. Though it is very rare. Because hamsters have poor eyesight and they don’t even notice them.

Being a pet, hamsters don’t need to eat spiders as there are other foods. They don’t need to pray and eat such insects. Also, spiders are not a significant source of nutrition for hamsters. They contain some protein, but it’s not a balanced or substantial part of their diet. Hamsters are better off with their usual seeds and grains.

Many spiders may contain infections and diseases, so it is best not to eat them at all. Hamsters’ delicate digestive systems can’t consume unfamiliar or potentially toxic insects like spiders which cause digestive issues.

Still, not all spiders are harmless. Feeding your hamster spiders from the wild could expose them to potential dangers. It’s difficult to determine the type of spider your hamster is good for, so it’s safer to steer clear of this source of protein.

Can hamsters attack and kill spiders?

Hamsters eat insects when they are in the wild. Their behavior as hunters and scavengers means that they can potentially attack and kill spiders. Hamsters are considerably larger than most spiders, and they can easily handle and dispatch them, sometimes by simply stepping on them.

However, hamsters typically don’t engage in hunting spiders, as they rarely come into contact with them. In their natural habitat, hamsters primarily feed on seeds, grains, and plants, and they consume insects if they can hunt.

Hamsters take on the role of the predator, while spiders become the prey. Nonetheless, it’s not a common occurrence in a hamster’s daily life, and pet hamsters are generally provided with a controlled and balanced diet to meet their nutritional needs.

Is Eating Spiders Harmful To Hamsters?

Many pet owners think that hamsters can eat insects like spiders but it can be problematic if they eat both dead and alive. However, hamsters have a prey nature and they can catch small spiders that are near or inside their cage.

But here is the concern, spiders tend to bite when feel threatened. If your hamster goes to catch, spiders can pose a significant threat. And if a hamster tries to pouch a spider as they love to pouch their food, it could lead to repeated bites, potentially causing suffering and pain. The problem is that hamsters hide their pouches, so you might not even notice that something is wrong.

Smaller spiders are less likely to bite, but larger ones can pose a significant threat. Their powerful fangs can easily penetrate a hamster’s delicate skin, causing immense pain.

Mostly, household spiders are not poisonous, but wild spiders can carry venom. If your home is located in an area where poisonous spiders are present, they might find their way into your hamster’s living space.

If it happens and your hamster eats a poisonous spider, it could result in serious illness and, in extreme cases, even death. Some spiders, even in small quantities, carry venom, and if one of these bites your hamster, it could have dire consequences.

Hamsters are hunters, but spiders, with their large chelicerae, abdomen, and legs, can sometimes trigger fear and disgust. Hamsters and spiders can live together but if hamsters get scared, they will go through mental stress which is not good for them.

However, fear itself does not kill hamsters. Each hamster has a unique personality, and their reactions to spiders may vary. If a hamster is afraid of a spider nearby, it should return to normal once the spider is removed from its environment.

Is it Beneficial for Hamsters to Eat Spiders?

Most times, Syrian hamsters tend to hunt spiders and eat them. One potential benefit is that spiders can provide animal protein, which hamsters do need to maintain a healthy life. Insects, including spiders, can be a source of this essential nutrient.

However, you shouldn’t practice it because overeating insects can lead to various health complications and even obesity in hamsters. It’s essential to provide a balanced diet that includes the right amount of protein.

Depending on the type of spiders in your area and your hamster’s inclination to consume them. Your pet could potentially help maintain a spider-free environment in your home. Each time your hamster catches and eats a spider, it contributes to reducing the spider growth in your living space.

Well, this may sound like a benefit, but it’s important to know that this can be more harmful to your hamster. If you’re bothered by spiders in your home, it’s typically more effective and humane to apply spider-repellent methods or use sprays to keep your home spider-free rather than relying on your hamster to address the issue. Feeding spiders to your hamster as a method of pest control is not practical.

How to Prevent Your Hamster From Eating Spiders?

can hamsters eat spiders

Preventing your hamster from eating spiders is essential, as it can pose risks to their health. Here are some tips to avoid the situation:

1. Remove the Webs

Regularly check your hamster’s den and play area for spider webs. Spiders might crawl into these areas, attracting your hamster’s attention. If you keep the environment free from cobwebs, it can reduce the chances of your pet consuming spiders. Cobwebs can also multiply if spiders reproduce, so it’s best to prevent them from taking root in the first place.

2. Get a Safe Cage

Consider using a cage specifically designed to keep your hamster safe from unwanted pests like spiders. These cages often have fine mesh or other features that prevent insects from entering.

3. Anti-Spider Products

You can use both natural and manufactured products to keep spiders away from your hamster’s den. Natural remedies include sprinkling citrus juices like lemon and orange around the cage.

Additionally, you can use substances like tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus, and vinegar to deter spiders. There are also various spider and insect-repellent products available in the market that can be effective in keeping spiders at bay.

What to Do if My Hamster Eats Spiders?

Despite your best efforts, if your hamster manages to eat a spider, you can do the following:

  • Offer your hamster some other food immediately to encourage it to ingest the spider instead of keeping it in its pouch, where it could potentially bite. Provide food and water that can help your hamster cope with the situation.
  • Ensure that your hamster does not consume any more spiders. Remove any additional spiders from the area or make the zone spider-free as quickly as possible. If your hamster continues to eat more spiders, it can complicate the situation.
  • Monitor your pet for some time after it has ingested the spider. If your hamster appears to be in good health, there may be no need to visit a veterinarian. However, if you notice lethargy, loss of appetite, swelling, or inflammation, you need to seek professional help:

Wrapping Up

It’s true that hamsters can eat spiders, but it’s generally not advisable. There are several risks if hamsters consume spiders. Spiders can bite them and eat poisonous spiders can be deadly to them.

So you need to take the necessary steps to prevent hamsters from eating spiders. You have to maintain a spider-free environment. So try to secure the cage and the area of your hamster from spiders.

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